this site features frames of sensitive wormrile artists: vids, clips and documentaries ruled by the riff

BAD LUCK RIDES ON WHEELS "le livre du ciel et du monde" official clip 2017 by porta preta

CONFUSION MASTER "reapers fist" live subset fest 2018

WOJCZECH live obscene extreme 2017

CONFUSION MASTER "in the shadow of the bong" official clip 2018 by wheelmust prod.

BAD LUCK RIDES ON WHEELS "celestial monochord" porta preta prod 2018

WOJCZECH// WHOS MY SAVIOUR brasil tour winter 2014 video tour teaser

A German Grind Core / Drone/ Concrete Noise Collaboration hits Southeastasia in January 2003. See WOJCZECH// G.LAS in a Road Movie done by Coost Lardy Cake /Blumbach/ G.LAS touring Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia the DIY Hardcore Spirit: one of the very first Tours of its Kind and Bands preaching the absolute in Distortion heading over. The Result was overwhelming.
This Documentary got shot, cut and produced without any financial support whatsoever and has been never released on DVD.

Whitey will pay from Kundan Lal on Vimeo.

A Short B/W Movie directed by AEQUATORKAELTE in 1999. Still recorded on VHS with Tape Analog Sound Modulation.

SCHEIN DER STARRE from major enslaver on Vimeo.

The follow up from 2001. Again AEQUATORKAELTE and a Cut up Production with various Soundsources.

NOTORIC DRIFT from major enslaver on Vimeo.

WOJCZECH "emo sucks" live Denver/ USA/ 31/10/2007

WOJCZECH "Emo sucks" live 31/10/2007 Denver /USA from major enslaver on Vimeo.


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